Meet the Puppies at Beowulf Mastiffs Global

What's Available Mastiff Puppies for Sale

Regardless of where in the country you live, we have a wonderful vetted transport service we use that will bring them right to your door safely and affordably. 

Beowulf Mastiff Global parents are tested for: OFA Hips, Elbows, Eye, Heart, Patella DNA tested for DM, CMR1 and PRA

All Beowulf Mastiffs are home raised, chipped, Pra DNA certified via lineage, & cuddled from birth. To reserve a puppy please fill out the form on the "Reserving a Puppy" selection on the navigation menu.

If you are interested an older mastiff (1 yr. to 4 yrs.) please contact us at (315) 744-7437.


Our Available Puppies

Wyatt & Button

Puppies due in June 2022.

Our Home, Kennel and Beowulf Nursery

We are lucky to have a private space here in Arkansas. We are on 10 fenced acres, and the dogs love it here.

Our Process

A $500.00 non refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy, this deposit goes towards the purchase price.The deposit can be transferred to a future litter if you ask prior to the puppies birth. 

Please contact for pricing, as each litter may different.

I know that many people think that if the puppies are out of a top show kennel that they will be required to show or breed. Not true. We want our puppies in the right homes for them and I am a huge advocate of spay and neuter. So if you are looking for a wonderful companion, please e-mail or call me. If you do want a show puppy, we can certainly accommodate you also. As always, feel free to ask questions.

We match the right puppy with the right home based on what you share with us for families all over the world.

Most puppies leave between 8 - 9 weeks old. We are committed to the health and welfare of our Mastiffs. In our endeavor to this end, we typically only allow our girls to have one to two litters and they are retired permanently. This allows them to be spayed at a young age and have the rest of their life to relax and thrive. For one of ours to be chosen to procreate they have to be sound of mind and body and a tribute to the breed. There are many wonderful dogs we choose not to breed. Our obligation is to protect the Mastiff by only making the choice to breed dogs that have something to offer the next generation. 

BMG is also committed to rescue, so please contact us if you have or know of a Mastiff that needs to be rehomed. BMG is committed to all areas of the dog world. Many of our retired Champions go on to get their TDI or service dog accreditation. More each day are becoming Service Dogs and also doing therapy work. Our Mastiffs tend to have very solid loving temperaments well suited to these endeavours.

BMG also requires that all of our dogs come back to us if the adopting families do not want them or cannot keep them, this is regardless of age or location. 


Personal checks are great for the deposits or final full payments as long as we have them a 21 days prior to puppies leaving. Or Final payments are made by bank wires 2 weeks prior to the puppies leaving, or cash when you pick them up. WE  DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL or MONEY ORDERS. Please contact us for further details.

Beowulf Mastiffs Global has the right to refuse a sale to anyone at anytime, even in the event of a deposit taken prior.

If a deposit has been taken and Beowulf Mastiffs Global refuses the sale, the amount of the deposit will be refunded. 

International prices vary, please call for details.