About the Breeder

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Whether you want a companion, a show dog, or it is your wish to become a breeder, I would be glad to help. It is my job, to be an information resource for you. Whether it is to find your perfect dog, to become part of the show world or to help these special babies into the world.

My association with animals began even before I was talking. As a 2 year old I ventured into a cage with a dog waiting to be put down for being human aggressive. When my parents found me the dog had his head in my lap and so it began....

My first dog was a retired Rhodesian Ridgeback. I was 11 years old and she spent the first 36 hours under my parent's kitchen table growling and being as ferocious as she could be. This was her version of "why am I here?" and "I am feeling very insecure". I spent the same 36 hours sitting and sleeping as close to her as I could and without being devoured. We became friends and "Diora" was my introduction to the world of purebred dogs. I wrote my first published article when I was 13 years old and Diora was my inspiration.

I met my first Mastiff while I was living in South Africa. When I moved back to the States, I brought with me a magnificent Rhodesian Ridgeback. When "InDuna" passed on I purchased my first Mastiff.

My background is nutrition and holistic medicine. I owned a fitness and nutritional counseling center in Dallas, Texas for years and I have lectured in the U.S. and Canada on canine nutrition and holistic medicine. I sincerely hope that through my ongoing effort to spread the message of top nutrition and a holistic approach to animal care, a difference is being made. Additionally, my field of study has included genetics, structure, and canine behavior. I am a rare breed judge and have shown many dogs of various breeds to their championships for their owners. We have finished nearly 300 American, Canadian and International Champions. I have bred nationally ranked, group winning and multiple Best-In-Show and Best In Specialty Show Mastiffs. Beowulfs Mastiffs has had the top ranked Mastiffs in 7 countries.

Therefore, as you can see, my life is "all things canine".

I am also mother of three grown children and have 5 grandchildren (Ages 11-19 yrs.). Their job is to kid-proof all the mastiffs. A job both groups think is great fun.

FOOD, the cornerstone of health and longevity

I am Founder/Formulator of Back To Basics Food for Pets, which was a multi-national holistic pet food company for over 16 years, we sold the company in 2009 and it was resold, the result was a drastic change in the formula. Therefore, I am thrilled as an industry insider to be able to give my seal of approval the product I have fed now for 5 years. The manufacturing facility is Aphis/Eu Certified,natural, wholesome, made fresh and sent to your door. It was formulated by a holistic veterinarian that I have the upmost respect for and has NEVER been part of any "recall". My heart and soul is in the well being of pets everywhere and this goal is part of my on-going endeavor for top nutrition for all dogs. What you feed your new baby is the cornerstone of their longevity and overall health.

To order or for more information please visit www.totalpethealthonline.com and get your food ordered before your Mastiff or French friend gets home to you.

I believe that information that is not shared is worthless. So, if you have a question, I will be happy to help. I breed only top quality dogs "to" top quality dogs. If there is a question on the health, temperament, or structure with any dog, they are disqualified from the breeding program. There are enough wonderful mastiffs ready to carry on the breed that there is just not a good reason to breed if you have any question about their soundness. It does not mean that they are not wonderful dogs, just that their job is not to carry on the breed.

I have my own way of thinking on what qualifies for a breeding prospect. First and foremost, they must be of sound mind and body. Mastiffs are working dogs and it is sad to see how many of them are grossly overweight and cannot run around the show ring without the appearance of discomfort. A Beowulf Mastiff must be able to run 2 to 3 miles at a gaiting pace after the age of 14 months to even be considered for breeding. They must meet the breed standard, be medically sound, a good disposition with correct structure. These things are important to any living creature. I have finished Am Can Intl Ch Mastiffs that I have chosen never to breed because there was something that I did not want to see in future generations. This is probably more than you wanted to know.

All Beowulf Mastiff youngsters are hugged, kissed, loved and raised in our home.

Whether you want a companion, a show dog, or it is your wish to become a breeder, I would be glad to help. It is my job, to be an information resource for you. Whether it is to find your perfect dog, to become part of the show world or to help these special babies into the world.

There are so many wonderful memories I have of the mastiffs over the years. There is not anyone who has ever befriended a Mastiff that cannot tell you how special they are. I have watched "Jing-ga" (Am Can Ch) pull kids in carts at large pet fairs, the louder they laughed the happier he was. That was his idea of heaven. Or, Dryfus (Am Can Ch Beowulfs Bound for Glory) shopping at Bloomindales in Manhattan with his Mom. He loves being the center of attention. I hear he also made a big splash at Kennedy Airport. Then there is my "Kodiak" (Mult. Best In Show Am Can Ch Beowulfs Kodiak Pride CGC), every kid's friend, my protector, hiding from a raging Chihuahua (a 2 pound dog).

Beowulf English Mastiff
The Mastiff is all heart and has such a depth of character that if I emulated them I would be an exceptional person.

They are protectors, without aggression.
They give everything and ask for nothing.
They are your child and your rock.
They are everything one could ask for in a friend.
—by Susann Everett

Once you are part of the Mastiff or French family you will never want to leave.
Once again, I would love to be able to help you find your perfect Mastiff or French.