"My Midge, the most beautiful, sweet, loving, goofy clown I have ever had the pleasure to know. I brought Midge home in March of 2009, she was 3 months old. We live about 6-7 hours from the Susann, knowing that a snow storm was predicted on the day we were to pick up our baby, Susann offered to have her husband meet us half way. I remember seeing Scott drive into the parking lot, never really expecting the overwhelming feeling of joy I felt when I first saw our girl!

She was gorgeous! She was very well behaved on the long drive back home and has continued to be well behaved since. It was obvious right from the beginning that Midge had been cared for and handled frequently, our puppy months were made so much easier as Midge had been subjected to crate training, nail clipping, bathing and dental care and to this day is a perfect patient whether at home or at the veterinary hospital.

I work in a stressful and sometimes very emotional workplace and no matter how exhausting a day at work may be I can always count on Midge to be waiting for me when I come home, tail wagging(complete with booty shake) and a big smile on her face. She has the power to erase any negative, sad or angry emotions I may be feeling.

Midge was part of the family from the first day, enjoying our lab, Gus, and although tempted to play chase with the cats, they too became her best buddies.

I thank Susann for giving me the opportunity to have this wonderful and special dog, and hope to have her for many more years. "

-Barbara Newman

"My Frenchie Arlo is the best little man. He is now 6 months old, very healthy and a bundle of love and craziness all in one. I never thought that I would ever get a Frenchie, but now that I do I wouldn't change it for the world. Susann was awesome thought the process, very kind and informational.

This our second pup from her, our first is a 7 year old English Mastiff, Isabella.

Both dogs are amazing!"

- Raymond and Jennifer H.
Ballston Spa, NY